*sessions are valid for use one year from date of purchase
Silver level beds come complete with 3 facial tanners and 34 body bulbs, built in adjustable fans and spaghetti lamps in facial zone for an even better result.  The power of these beds compares closely to nearly every competitors level 2 beds. 
15 Minute Bed
12 Minute Bed or 10 Minute Standup
Gold level beds offer you a 40% stronger bed than our silver level and still utilize the same great facial tanners with spaghetti lamps and fully adjustable fans while the stand up is the most complete all around even result in just 10 minutes
12 Minute Bed
These all new platinum beds now offer built in air conditioning, Aqua mist, High pressure facials and shoulder lamps and frosted acrylics for better light dispersion.  Very few beds out there reach the shoulder area and rarely does a bed have its own Air Conditioning unit.  These are simply incredible
12 Minute High Pressure &
10 Min Prestige 1400 (NEW!!)
15 Minute High Pressure
This level offers you everything in our salon including our HIGH PRESSURE Matrix bed that provides you with quick results and little chance of burning Or choose our Prestige 1400!!  This bed has it all including aroma therapy, aqua mist, air conditioning, shoulder lamps, contoured acrylic and more.  Truly an incredible machine  
Another unique tanning bed offered only by Tan Your Moon.   This bed has an open and airy feel about it while giving you excellent and quick results.  Our Diamond bed is a HIGH PRESSURE bed, meaning you have little chance of burning yet a much faster result that requires less visits to maintain
Mystic Tan Spray booth
The newest Mystic Tan booth available now provides you with a heated booth that dries you after your session.  Results last 5-7 days.  Only two positions to stand in and takes less than 3 minutes to complete. 3 different levels of color to choose from.